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In Service to the Child; In Partnership with the Parent

Founded in 2004, Trinity honors the legacies of the great Montessorians of the past, in order to cultivate an environment faithful to the teachings of Maria Montessori. Our staff is trained either though the American Montessori Society or the Association Montessori International. Together with the parents, we support the natural inquisitiveness and wonderment all children possess, ensuring in every child a life-long love of learning.



Why does MY child

need Montessori?



We believe in Small Classes and Big Hearts

We Value Collaboration over Competition

We Focus on Individualism more than Standardization

We Have Smart Kids, not Smart Boards!




We Follow the Child

So That One Day

They May Lead


Trinity is Charleston’s Most Authentic Montessori School…

…But What Does That Mean?


It means our teachers are trained in the methodology of Maria Montessori.

They teach independence and grace.

They observe with highly discerning eyes, and meet the specific needs of every child.

For our staff, Montessori isn’t just our job…

It’s Our Calling.